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24′ x 14′ Movie Package

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Just like the old drive in movies…

Moonflicks is here to recreate an occasion like no other! We focus entirely on you, the client, one movie at a time to ensure the best possible indoor or outdoor movie experience.

Optimum Crowd Size: 300-1,000


  • 24′ Wide X 14′ Tall Viewing Area (30’ width with frame)
  • 6500 Lumen Projector
  • Blu-Ray/ DVD Equipment
  • 2 Speakers with Sound System, at least 1200 Watt JBL Professional or better
  • Back Up Copy of Chosen Movie Title.
    *Customer must provide original licensed copy
  • Large 6500 Watt Honda Generator (ultra quiet) and Extension cords for Power Needs.
  • 1/2 Hour Advertising/Music (Sound only until dark)– Client Choice
  • 2 Crew Members to run All Equipment– Approximately 5 Hours on site for a 2 hour movie
  • Delivery- We arrive at least 1 ½ Hours Before Sunset
  • Set up & Tear Down

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24' x 14' Movie Package

24' x 14' Movie Package

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Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: 5' x 24' x 16'
Space Needed: 24' x 16'


  • 24' Screen Box24' x 14' Movie Package:24' Screen Box11

    Not available for rental individually - required for booking with 24' Movie Screen

  • 24' x 14' Movie Screen24' x 14' Movie Package:24' x 14' Movie Screen11

    For up to 750 people. For impact and image, the 24' x 14'  is our most popular inflatable movie screen because of its very versatile outdoor movie screen size

    Projection Screen Width 24' 0" (7.3 m)
    Projection Screen Height
    13' 6" (4.1 m)
    Overall Width
    27' 11" (8.5 m)
    Overall Height
    22' 0" (6.7 m)
    Screen Surface form Ground
    6' 6" (2.0 m)
    Air Inlet Tube
    5' 0" (1.5 m)
    Blower Amps
    12.0 amps

    235 lbs (107 kg)

  • FM Transmitter24' x 14' Movie Package:FM Transmitter1

    Digital FM transmitter. Simply connect the broadcast antenna, provide a signal to the device's XLR or RCA inputs (mixer, other audio device), select the desired frequency to broadcast those signals on --87.5 to 108 MHz-- and Voila! You're now broadcasting signals to your FM radio. Additionally, it features a convenient built-in talk-over circuit.

  • Movie BackPack24' x 14' Movie Package:Movie BackPack11

    Not available for rental individually - required for booking with 16', 24' & 30' Movie Screen

  • Movie Event Staff24' x 14' Movie Package:Movie Event Staff12

    Our staff enjoy working with people, and helping them save time and energy. We get pleasure in seeing your participants laugh and smile!  Our event staff maintain a fun and safe environment at your event.

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